Floreloy is part of a whole in terms of harmony with the community, the environment, culture and safety.

Commitment and business ethics are part of the essence of Floreloy, the same that are perceived both in the product and the service that we provide to all our business associates.  

The Great Floreloy Family is characterized by its humanistic business vision, where the well-being of its collaborators is a priority. For this reason, programs and certifications are maintained that guarantee quality, comprehensive health and safety, environmental care under strict compliance with legal regulations and social responsibility.

Flor Ecuador Certification

Having the Flor Ecuador certification has allowed us to preserve natural resources and take care of our people and their well-being, promoting fair, healthy and stimulating work. In this way, we not only comply with the law, but also go further, promoting actions that generate sustainability and the comprehensive improvement of our employees and their families. 

Commercial Alliance for Secure Trade (BASC)

Floreloy has maintained the BASC certification since 2007 in order to guarantee the security of the logistics chain to all business associates through a control and security management system. Our committed and trained work team has managed to achieve 100% compliance with the regulations and standards of this certification; thus sealing the commitment to our customers and society to build a safer and more reliable world.

ETI Network (Eradication of Child Labor)

Floreloy is proud to be a child labor free space. By becoming the first company in the flower sector to join the "Network of Companies for an Ecuador Free of Child Labor", in which the Ministry of Labor, private companies and international organizations work together; We have taken a position to guarantee a suitable future for our children and offer our collaborators, business associates and neighboring communities that this laudable objective is fulfilled.