Floreloy conceives itself as a part of a bigger whole, a community which interacts in harmony with the environment, the culture and security.

Commitment and ethics are essential parts of Floreloy, these two components are evident in our product as well as in the service we provide to our business associates.

“The big Floreloy family” is characterized by its humanistic corporate vision. The wellbeing of our workers is a priority for us. This is the reason to maintain programs and certifications to guaranty quality, security and integral health. Environmental preservation is assured by the strict accomplishment of all legal requirements and social responsibility policies.

Flor Ecuador Certification

To have the certification by Flor Ecuador has enabled us to preserve our natural resources, to take care of our people and their wellbeing by promoting fair, healthy and stimulating working conditions. This way, not only do we accomplish the legal requirements but also, we go beyond by promoting actions that generate sustainability and the integral improvement of our employees and their families.

Business Alliance for a Secure Commerce (BASC)

Floreloy has held the BASC certification since 2007, it was obtained in order to ensure the safety in the logistics chain to all our business associates. This is achieved by the application of an administrative system for control and security. Our team has made a commitment and has been trained to achieve the 100% accomplishment of the norm and standards. This is an achieved objective which we work hard to maintain. BASC certification is the way to evidence the accomplishment of our commitment with our customers and our society in order to build a safer and more trustworthy world. 

Eti Network (Child Labor Erradication Network)

Floreloy takes pride of being a child labor free space. We were the first flower company to join the “Ecuadorian Company Network for Free Child Labor Companies”. The network has cooperation from the Ministry of Labor, the private sector and international organisms. We have taken a position to ensure an adequate future for our children, our workers and our business by making sure that this laudable objective is achieved.