A path wrought by our people

Floreloy believes that it is part of a whole in terms of community, environment, culture, security and a commitment to ethics with both our clients and our surroundings. These principles are fixed in our spirit as a company which in turn is perceived in both our products and our service. From a purely humanistic vision, we take pride in caring for our collaborators and our environment with a particular focus on the human being. Our drive to become an active, propositive actor in our community and the industry has led us to enroll in important programs to ensure quality, security and to become a pillar in the area where we operate by supporting our collaborators and our neighbors, keeping our environment as one of our top priorities.
Business Alliance for a Secure Commerce (BASC)

A very important interest of Floreloy has always been security. Ensuring our product is delivered not only with quality and outstanding service, but also following strict codes of security has always been a beacon in Floreloy, guiding our efforts towards a more reliable and secure commerce. As such, we are a proud 100% BASC certified business, sealing our commitment with our clients and society for a more secure and healthier world. Upon reaching this certification, our company in turn acquired a quality control and safety management system thus enhancing our product warranty.


In all areas, Floreloy pays close attention to both the professional and job satisfaction of its collaborators, and in this effort we have gone to great lengths to achieve this. In this sense, being a fully certified Florecuador farm has helped us promote a fair, healthy and stimulating
work environment. Preserving our natural resources, caring for our people and their wellbeing becomes in this way, a key factor to our success. This way, we not only abide by the law, but also take actions that allow us to exceed those basic legal requirements.

Our commitment with the future

Floreloy is proud to declare that we are a work space free of child labor. By becoming the first agricultural company to join the “Network of Companies for Ecuador Free of Child Labor” and continue to be an active member of it, we have taken a position to guarantee an adequate future for our children and offer our employees and neighboring communities all our support for this to happen.